Interstate Clarity of Mind

1. I am grateful for the clarity to be had behind the wheel on a long drive. I was (no visual aid comes to mind) This Close to making a decision about a life-changing event and have downshifted a decision/event to process.

2. Pine trees. Cypress trees. Live Oak trees. No, really. That’s what they are called. Trees. Beautiful trees in all their greeny variations.

3. Graceful white egrets standing knee deep in flood waters, reminding me that tragedy and hardship has another side.

4. Dinner alone. I do so appreciate solitude.

5. NPR.

6. Wasabi.

7.  A love of reading and a library card.

8. Having lots of work.

9. Getting to spend Mother’s Day with both my girls.

10. Getting to visit Cleveland for the first time, albiet briefly this weekend. [Waving at Ya’ll with one hand:making sure I have Belle’s number on my cell phone with the other]

One thought on “Interstate Clarity of Mind

  1. How was your cleveland visit? I hope you were treated kindly. NPR, one of my favorites. What an opportunity to learn.
    I know you will make the right decision because you do have the answers; just look within.
    Love Rose

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