Sunday Thanks

1.  a wonderful way to feel gratitude on Sunday mornings is at Unity Chapel of Light

2.  got to usher again with dear Rose

3.  was able to do everything I needed to do even with this stress fracture on my left foot

4.  Rose, Linda, Kathy, and I signed up for a class — anything we do together is terrific!

5.  took a very long nap in the afternoon – very unusual, but very happy

6.  read most of the Sunday paper, which I rarely take the time to do

7.  I decided to have a day with no obligations — wow!

8.  such a sunny, beautiful day

9.  Celebrity Apprentice finale!  I watched every episode — people fascinate me

10.  Read magazines — get them, never hardly ever take time to read them

A rare day, without expectations — hooray!





2 thoughts on “Sunday Thanks

  1. to my love, my pal, my inspiration,
    I did notice your foot was still bothering you. I am sending blessings right now — quick and speedy healing.
    and of course, I was so happy we were all together. Glad you enjoyed your R and R.
    Love You Rose

  2. Hi Carol, So glad you took a wonderful relaxing day just for your self! You give so much to people so glad you are you are one of them! I love you La La Lou!

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