Ok, the Universe has very gently bumped me in the head

I’ve had one of those moments when things become clear in my heart and in my head and will now be taking an action.

1.  My neighbors opened a yoga/meditation studio.

2. My oldest and dearest friend is finishing her training to become a yoga instructor.

3. My oldest and dearest friend was recently staying at my home along with a new friend and they both shared their yoga experience and then did yoga in my living room.

4.  In my recent travels, I have passed more yoga studios than I care to acknowledge.

5.  I went to the doctor yesterday – there was a yoga studio next door.

6.  Several members of a committee I co-chair practice yoga and recommended it to me (again!).

7. Silly me, that I had thought that I had to be “healthy” to practice yoga.

8.  The idea is for the yoga to assist me to get “healthier”.

9.  I’m calling the studio today.

10. Thank God, this has been a gentle bump from the universe.

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