The Struggle

There are times when I struggle to remain in contact with the endless list of things to be grateful for.  I know they are always there, always with me, and yet, according to my “mood” or circumstances – I experience a barrier that keeps me from feeling them.  Today is one of those days.  So, today these are the things that I noticed and felt…

  1. Abby waking me up to remind me that I need to walk.
  2. The quiet moments in the morning, when I’m outside and can hear the birds singing all through the neighborhood.
  3. Cold watermelon for breakfast.
  4. Remembering, even in the face of the duldrums – to help someone else.
  5. Conversations with BJ.
  6. An unexpected invitation.
  7. The wealth of talent, skills, abilities and passion I witness from my co-workers.
  8. Getting this giant fly out of my office (ugh!)
  9. Yesterdays drumming circle demonstration – what fun we had!
  10. God

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