For Cassie on our tenth wedding anniversary

1. God

2. And it might have been otherwise

3. Against considerable, but not overwhelming, odds

4. The gift of not being alone

5. Shared experience, shared values, shared language

6. Appreciating you

7. And learning not to take you for granted

8. Who else would accept my imperfections to such a degree

9. Who else enriched my life beyond my capacity

10. Wendell Berry said it well

2 thoughts on “For Cassie on our tenth wedding anniversary

  1. Good Morning Garrett and Cassie with a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY for 10 years!!! God’s abundant, abundant Blessings for all of the many years to come. Warmly, Jean

  2. Happiest, Happiest Anniversary wishes, Garrett and Cassie! What a beautiful tribute, Garrett! Sending blessings to you as your start your second and third and fourth decades together!!

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