Happy to be stuck with you

If you can’t say anything nice,don’t say anything at all. This will be a short list. Just kidding!

My hubby and I have traveled a road that is over forty years long. That’s many days and nights together.

The road has included ups and downs. There have been rocky parts, construction,hills,twists,turns and smooth sailing. We have gotten lost at times. We have traveled in silence, chatter or just the facts ‘maam.

He always worries about my daughter and I. He is the go to person when tires need air.

He starts the coffee every morning. When he isn’t feeling well, how I miss this!

Our grandson adores him. He loves his grandchildren.

He and my daughter’s dog are never more than a few feet apart, If he was the man the dog thinks he is ,this list wouldn’t be so hard. Perhaps to the dog he is perfect.

He is  active at the Church and idolized by the “mature” women.He is the pumpkin king at Church. In his orange sweatshirt he resembles a pumpkin.

I enjoy evenings with him. I just wish he wouldn’t eat my snacks.

I remember at our daughter’s wedding having a dance for us with the song “Happy to be stuck with you!” and I am!

One thought on “Happy to be stuck with you

  1. Hi mary Ellen
    Are you celebrating your anniversary or perhaps celebrating your husband? I do relate to your time together, the ups and downs, conversation and not. He is lucky to have you by his side, in his corner

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