And for these things I am grateful

Grateful to be up and walking after I hurt my knee (ice packs,ace bandages, tylenol and Netflix)

Grateful for the whole process of mothering. Expecting,traveling together,learning, getting it right, getting it wrong,letting go. Being proud. Always on my mind!)

A son calls from work ( catching up, see you soon,take care!)

Grateful for daughter’s company on Sunday (gabbing, puppy hugs, documentary on Elmo made me tear up, Beastmaster. I can’t walk to the kitchen and they are scaling the heights.)

Phone call from Nevada(gson’s hearty wishes, chatting and updating with daughter)

Phone call from an exhausted son -of -the heart(he never forgets,promises that we will get together soon.)

A new recipe wasn’t bad. (flank steak ,soy sauce, spinach, cheese)

Item arrives that was the object of fraud investigation.. (I guess I owe the bank some money. Despite it all, I like them!)

Sharing songs at the nursing home.(They listen, we sing together,people singing with people. Happy Days Are Here Again,God Bless America always moves me.)

Reading lyrics of songs about friends makes me grateful for mine.



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