Pappy’s Day Care Day #5

Grateful that the week ended with Bubbles, a bath for the new plastic set of Dinosaurs. Hugs all around and off home with Daddy. Grateful for Mommy coming home tomorrow. Gratitude for returning to work, the mind numbing sameness was calming for once. Grateful for a safe delivery of a coworkers baby. The miracle of safe childbirth supported by technology. Welcome baby Louella. Grateful for Friday’s, except for having now to go to work on my first Saturday in 19 years. Grateful ! No Sundays yet. Amen

One thought on “Pappy’s Day Care Day #5

  1. I feel for you going into work on a Saturday. I worked rotating weekends for 20 years and for the past year have not had to work weekends. It took going to a different department to get that but it is all good. The only thing I miss, is when I did work weekends, usually I had Thursdays and Fridays off, except for some seven day stretches here and there.

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