• Hooray! Rain at last!
  • Soakers for several days…
  • …will help on the fires and clear the air from the ash (remembering Mount St. Helens)
  • And, yes, snow!..we have winter storm advisories for 5,000 ft. and up, mountain passes, all within a few miles of us…we are welcoming this weather to put out the fires.
  • What a variety of weather patterns in the U.S…..
  • ….Prayers for those in Houston (my cousin was not flooded)…for those and our friends in Florida and path of the hurricanes (thankful that Garrett’s friend is safe)…and those in Montana, Idaho, and the states where the fires have been out of control, some having to evacuate and can now return to their homes. Praise God!

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  1. I heard the snow prediction and thought the forest fires will be contained. Glad you got rain to contain them. Great to see your post.

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