The balance of knowing when to change, and what to choose. <3

Grateful for possible solutions in front of me. It has been a long few months of pet issues and I felt like I hit a wall. But seasons change and new possibilities present themselves. Each gives  a sense of hope.

Thankful for the rough weeks, as they quickly remind me where my priorities lie. Working from home, things sometimes become muddled. I’m learning to focus on where I want those boundaries to lie. Making more time for what counts.

Having people in your life that understand when you are short on time or energy – worth its weight in gold.

A sunny day on your two days off in a rainy week. Nature is beckoning and I hear the call.

A cookie at the end of a tiring day. Someone handing you a precooked meal at the end of a long week. Love is in the simple gestures and greatly appreciated.

The feel of a job well done at the end of the week. Guilt free rest on the days off.

The overwhelming joy of cats by my side at the end of the night – a reminder of the importance of work/life balance. #1 focus and I’ve been missing the mark.

Kind words from like-minded strangers showing me the gratitude I sometimes overlook. A constant reminder that perspective can turn a day around. <3

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