Grateful to Carol who is giving me a Zentangle pumpkin.

Grateful to the Bible study people who changed the time so I can attend.

Grateful to Rae for her giving and forgiving nature.

Grateful she came to Bible Study at my invitation.

Grateful that she was the first to say the video was weird. It was a little hard to understand.

Missing Cheryl who said she would come to Bible study but it’s a little far. You were there in spirit.

Grateful that Joyce’s surgery went well. Here’s hoping the next part won’t be too brutal.

Spirited conversation followed by a prayer for peace.

Grateful for Kathy who solves all my technological problems.

The cutest little shark in the Church office. He belongs to our pastor.

One thought on “Boo!

  1. Boo to you, too, Mary Ellen LOL What a great gift from Carol … Zentangle pumpkin … fun! Happy Halloween!
    Pumpkin grins, Jean

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