Things that get me excited! A conversation, a challenge, laughter and a thought provoking discussion. An aha idea in the night!

The resolution of a conflict with both parties smiling.

Doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing.

A prayer purse is a new or gently used purse that we fill with practical and playful items. These will be a gift to the women and teens at Christmas. These downtrodden hardworking women light up when they see them.

Seeing someone get excited about that which I would do but not joyfully.

Delivering dinner to the hospital to my friend whose Mom of the heart is recovering from hip surgery.

We prayed over her. Then had a “picnic” in the room.It made me happy to see my friend enjoying my food.

Surely the sound of our laughter and quiet talk was a joy to the bedridden for she smiled as we talked.

Home in time to spend some time with hubby.There is always enough time to give.

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