M.E throughout the book

I was born just after midnight November 12th. Family wanted a boy but I was my mother’s first (and only )and there was no question she and I bonded.

I was dubbed Pinky and soon became the center of attention. (in fact Mom had to tell me my name when I went to kindergarten at 4.)

Mary Ellen Green throughout school. I was a tomboy and I think I had more fun.

High School in the 70’s. Our principal tried to instill principles of awareness and caring. My friends called me Nutmeg. We did outrageous things.

I ,Mary Ellen take you Timothy to be my husband. We were fruitful and multiplied. My name became Mom.  Happy years though as I learned from my children.

The old lady who lived in a shoe had so many children she didn’t know what to do. Stress depletes and I was depleted but at the same time I found an inner creativity that was amazing.  I was BPbear.

I touched the technicolor sky but was returned to a black and white normal. I signed all emails M.E.

I am confident. I am creative. I am a work in progress. Mary E Neitz

Laugh today and live life to the fullest. Love yourself and those who love you.Happy Birthday Mary Ellen Neitz


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