Remember in December

A new month. The busiest one for me. I will try to remember why I do what I do and not just go from thing to thing.

Friday was a day of contacting  cousins as I notified them of the impossible news of John’s death. In the midst of that was the joy of reconnecting. John has reunited us!

Remembering my counselors advice that for every thing I had to do to plan something fun.

A visit to my sister in the nursing home so we could reminisce. Her happiness  at getting a strawberry milkshake.

A Christmas Concert that was so inspiring. The music was sublime. The program was so well rehearsed. Solos,a duet, a quartet and the chorus singing like a heavenly chorus.

Handel’s Messiah! Sing my soul!

Our choir director switching from directing to tenor. His wife”tickled the ivories.” Good job Chuck and Janice!

Seeing friends from Church there and sitting with them. How wonderful to be able to lean over and whisper a comment!

The first Sunday of Advent. The couple doing the reading at the candle lighting holding their toddler. Charlie sad “Amen” at the end.

The Children’s Program. Their joy! Their enthusiasm!The  little girl portraying Mary with her brother(Joseph) rubbing her shoulders.

Welcome December!

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