Time off the grind of work is a blessing and I am grateful
Time to have breakfast with my husband
Time to read uninterrupted
Time to wrap a roomful of presents for family, and never met friends through Church
More time to spend with my best friends, one of whom is till working and not that social, one of whom leaves every winter for Florida and I’m about to miss my window…..
Time to clean my house in my order to my specifications (not that high) and with music blasting in my ear
Time to sit at my computer uninterrupted
Time to play the piano in my “never used as a dining room” dining room
Time to consider my upcoming retirement this year, how do I want to use that time?
Time to grocery shop, which I hate, but I do get to buy things I like…
Time to relax into being just “me” for a week, not the nurse, not the church worker, not the Mom, just me.
I think I’m going to enjoy this week.

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