Winter Storm Hunter

I hear sleet hitting the window and hope that Meg gets home safe.She is prepared to stay in a motel if it’s bad. Like carrying an umbrella maybe it will keep it away.

We have food. We have heat. We don’t need to go anywhere. I’m chilly. I’ll put on a sweater.

Out to gift card shop before the storm. I now own a new teakettle (turquoise) and we will have steak while housebound.

Running into a friend twice in the store. Meant to be! I am blue . She is bluer. Winter blues!

A book to read and a cat by my feet.

Plans to check Netflix for something to watch when Hubby gets up.

Weather channel say 6-8 inches. More worried about ice.

Thank goodness for street crews and sidewalk salt.

Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my kin to keep. If it should snow fore I awake let no one I know break a leg. Amen.

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