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1. God
2. An empathetic listener
3. Helping one another
4. Receiving silence
5. Visit from Hannah and David
6. Giving flowers (also lots of empty jars for them)
7. Distant noises
8. Sunflowers dancing in the wind
9. Pegasus drinking water
10. Even on a half cloudy day

1. God
2. I went to a funeral the other day. I didn’t know the departed, but I know her sister-in-law, who works with me, and who was in Scotland with her husband when they received the tragic news.
3. I took time to look around this church, unknown to me, the intricate colorful stained glass honoring the saints, the pillars, the rafters, the distant pews, sparsely populated at first but eventually filled, and sitting in and breathing with the silence.
4. Listening to stories from the dead woman’s relatives, how she became a court clerk, then an immigration lawyer, and a lifelong Red Sox fan.
5. The bishop said she came to mass every Sunday and considered it a privilege and lived the gospel, especially through her professional life and helping so many people, and also with a kind word for each person she met there.
6. I didn’t know the woman and learning a little caused me to wish I had, and then I thought of those known to me doing good work and serving others whom I may not recognize or fully appreciate.
7. Conducting the rituals and telling the stories.
8. Maybe if only for a moment remembering the dead who are saying “finish our work.”
9. And for those who do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with their God.

1. God
2. Flowers in time
3. The visitors
4. People giving their time
5. Short Fridays
6. The man with plans stopping by to explain
7. A life well lived
8. Blue strings
9. Open door in the morning letting in cool air
10. Symmetrical cat and dog

1. God
2. Feet on the floor
3. Collected in a chair
4. Minding
5. Not minding
6. The speaker’s words coming from the speaker’s mouth
7. Which dreamed it
“At Mass, my mind wanders about like a released small child. It does this wherever I am; it is not mine to hold, and I can either concentrate and so contain it or wait for it to return.” – Andre Dubus, “Love in the Morning,” in Meditations from a Movable Chair

1. God
2. Eileen and how she is approaching loss
3. Friends like Terri, who comes to tell us, I’ve never been afraid for my health and now I am
4. Breakfast and meeting new people
5. Circuit breakers
6. Hanging plants with brilliant colors
7. Flowers in bottles
8. Dinner with Hannah
9. An abundance of zucchini so zucchini muffins for David

1. God
2. Talking around the campfire, telling stories
3. The endless Maine coastline
4. Cats letting us know how much we missed them
5. Hannah for taking care of the cats, the garden, and the house while we were away
6. A reliable car
7. A where and when
8. A comfortable cottage with all needs met
9. Generous hosts patient with us and with Lantana

1. God
2. Nasturtium cluster somewhere
3. A dog’s gaze
4. Each her own story
5. The creek rolling
5. The Japanese maple stretching its canvas of space and time.

“Not remembering that we are always receiving sacraments is an isolation the leaves do not have to endure: they receive and give, and they are green. Not remembering this is an isolation only the human soul has to endure. But the isolation of a human soul may be the cause of not remembering this. Between isolation and harmony, there is not always a vast distance. Sometimes it is a distance that can be traversed in a moment, by choosing to focus on the essence of what is occurring, rather than on its exterior: its difficulty or beauty, its demands or joy, peace or
grief, passion or humor. This is not a matter of courage or discipline or will; it is a receptive condition. – Andre Dubus, “Sacraments,” in Meditations from a Movable Chair

1. God
2. View of the river valley
3. Bird songs
4. Cool evenings and cooler nights
5. Wildflowers
6. Feeling better in the morning
7. Family breakfast
8. Iced tea with mint leaves from the garden
9. Remembering to breathe
“If I were much wiser, and much more patient, and had much greater concentration, I could sit in silence in my chair, look out my windows at a green tree and the blue sky, and know that breathing is a gift; that a breath is sufficient for the moment; and that breathing air is breathing God.” – Andre Dubus, “Sacraments,” in Meditations from a Movable Chair

1. God
2. Pot of zinnias by the church door
3. Sounds coming in through the open window including an unknown bird
4. Introductions
5. Saying it out loud instead of dropping hints
“All I ask
Don’t tell anybody the secrets
Don’t tell anybody the secrets I told you”
-Lucinda Williams